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lettering for D&TS Covered Hoppers - 1949 and 1953 scheme

Part Number: D&TS Covered Hopper-1

Price: $8.50

The Detroit & Toledo Shore Line Railroad was established in 1898 with trackage between Detroit, Michigan and Toledo, Ohio. The Grand Trunk Western gained 50% ownership in 1902, and in 1923 the other half ownership went to the Nickel Plate Road, and in 1964, all to the Norfolk and Western. Although only 47 miles of track, in 1960 the road reported 243 million net ton-miles of revenue freight. In 1981, 100% ownership went to the GTW and the D&TS name was dissolved. 

The D&TS operated with over 390 covered hoppers for the transport of dry bulk materials such sand for glass manufacturing, powdered cement, phosphates and the like. The majority of these cars were built by Greenville Steel Car Co. These had a shallow fishbelly side sill. In February 1949, the D&TS received 100 of the AC&F design of 1,958 cu. ft. cars from General American Car Corp. under Build Order 3002 and assigned road numbers as Series 2078-2177. These were essentially the same car but with a straight side sill.

Paint & Lettering: Sides were painted a deep maroon brown/reddish shade - unique to the D&TS: #212 Frazier Cartex Alkali resisting redpaint. End sheets, underframe, roof, running boards and AB brake equipment coated with black car cement. Lettering was all white lead stencil paste.

In 1953, the spelled out road name was replaced by the tilted box emblem and reporting marks moved one panel to the right - see 2080 and 2119 over; the roof now painted body color.

Decal set designed and created at Protocraft Decals
Printed by Microscale Industries

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