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lettering for Nickel Plate’s 50-ton two bay hopper cars

Part Number: NKP Hopper-1

Price: $8.50

The Nickel Plate received their first 75 of a total of 825 A.M.C. standard design 33’ offset side 50-ton hoppers from Pressed Steel under Lot 5553A in March of 1937. The Series assigned was 33000-33074. The second group of 250 cars were delivered in March of 1942 under AC&F Lot 2371, and assigned Series numbers 33075-33324. The final group was for 500 cars from AC&F Lot 2669 and assigned Series 33325-33824. Wartime demands for coal allowed steel to be allocated for this class.

Note: When the NKP took control of the Wheeling and Lake Erie in the early 1950’s, the NKP gained nearly 3,400 60-ton hoppers to add to it’s fleet. Retaining the WLE series numbers with NKP as the reporting marks for series of 61000-64339.

Paint & Lettering: Cars painted all black. Lettering all white stencil paste. Reporting Marks and Road numbers were all 9” high. This lettering set is for the as-delivered scheme with the ‘simple’ “ROAD” lettering in it’s name. In 1941 “ROAD” was heightened with the curved leg in the R and the lettering initials NYC&StL were dropped above the reporting marks; in 1946 the longer legged R was applied.

Decal set designed and created at Protocraft Decals
Printed by Microscale Industries

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