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lettering for MONTOUR’s hopper fleet

Part Number: MONTOUR-1

Price: $8.50

The Montour Railroad Company, named for the Montour Run Creek outside of Pittsburg, PA., was formed in 1877 to haul coal from the area’s mines connecting with the Pittsburg & Lake Erie, B&O and Bessemer & Lake Erie railroads. By 1930, the road serviced 27 mines in the area over 84 miles of track. In 1946, the Montour was sold to the P&LE, itself a subsidairy of the NYC, but contiued to operate under the reporting marks “M”. In 1958 this was changed to “MTR” so as not to to be confused with the MONON. While for a period of time the road operated some passenger service, the rolling stock was primarily hoppers of various types. This  decal set is designed to cover most but not all of the Montour’s hopper eet with various lettering designs. In order to letter hoppers correctly the modeler needs to follow photographs of the prototypes as to lettering placement. All cars painted black except 17000-17099 which were painted PRR red during the period when the PRR held a major stock position.

Series 18000-18299, 300 cars, Pullman-Standard, July 1941 - renumbered into 8000-8299 in 1952
Series 300 - 599, 300 cars, Greenville Steel Co, May 1951
Series 9000 - 9199, 200 cars rebuilt from 300, 400, 500 Series
Series 15000-15499, 500 cars, Standard Steel Car Co, delivered in 1923
Series 16000-16499, 500 cars, Standard Steel Car Co, delivered in 1926
Series 17000-17499, 500 cars, Pullman-Standard, delivered 1937 - (17000-17099 painted PRR red)
Series 18000-18299 and 19000-19199 built by P-S in 1941 and 1946
Series 500 - 699, 200 cars - ex-P&LE hoppers sent to the MTR
Decal set designed and created at Protocraft Decals

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