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lettering for GE’s 34’ 70-ton Dry Bulk Covered Hopper - 1949 delivered and 1956 repaint scheme

Part Number: ILDX-3

Price: $8.50

AC&F built a total of 56, 34’ covered hoppers for General Electric, beginning in August, 1940 with #300, as a one-car order under Lot 2082. Cars were used to carry silica sand for the production of GE’s Mazda lamps, and later GE lamps. In April, 1941, 4 more were delivered under Lot 2148, Series 301-304, and again in August, 1941, Lot 2251, two more cars as Series 305-306. In September 1941 under Lot 2335, one car as Series 307; still again in the same month, 2 more cars under Lot 2383, Series 308 and 309. In April of 1942, 3 more cars were delivered under Lot 2468, Series 310-312. In October 1946, 13 more cars were built and delivered from AC&F as Lot 2944, Series 313-325. In January 1949, 15 more cars were delivered, this time from GATC under B.O. 3005, as Series 326-341. And finally, in October 1951 the last cars from AC&F under Lot 3608 and assigned Series 342-355. (note: for other Lot and Series of GE covered hoppers, see all four
different Protocraft Decal sheets for these schemes)
Paint & Lettering: Cars were painted all black and lettered with white stencil paste. ILDX 337 above displays the GATC lettering scheme when built.
Note: For more information on these cars see Ed Hawkins/Pat Wider’s RP CYC Vol 27, pages 60-63, and Vol 28, pages 90-91
Decal set designed and created at Protocraft Decals
Printed by Microscale Industries

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