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lettering set for Linde Air box tank cars - SERX early scheme

Part Number: Linde Air SERX-1

Price: $8.50

In 1903, a German engineer, Carl von Linde in Munich, Germany, developed a new cryogenic air separation process that significantly increased the mass production of oxygen, used in metal cutting and welding, munitions and medical needs. In 1907, gaining an American patent, Linde established the first liquid oxygen factory in Buffalo, N.Y. under the name Linde Air Products Company, headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio. The Linde group joined with Union Carbide in 1911, and by 1992 with splits of various subsidiaries into divisions, under the umbrella Praxair, employing over 74,000 employees worldwide.

While the basic ingredient was air, and free - storage and transportation was very costly. Building on-site plants to supply major customers was one way to solve the transportation problem, but merchant liquid delivery of cryogenic gases was relegated to tanker truck or railroad box tank cars such as SERX 915 above. These cars were built by American Car & Foundry between April 1945 and July 1960, and leased to Linde Air Products Company. Each car was fitted with one 9,700 gallon cryogenic tank, built by the Richmond Tank Car Company of Richmond, California, and owned by Linde Air Products Co., whereas the cars were leased from Shipper’s Car Line, AC&F’s leasing division. Series for the 151 cars were 900-1050. Car capacity was 140,000 lbs and truck bearings were rated at 70-tons and rode on 70-ton 5’-8” w.b. trucks,

Paint & Lettering: Cars were painted with either Sherman-Williams Boxcar freight car brown or freight car red sides and ends. Black roof, brake parts and trucks. 

Note: GATC also build and leased a number of box/tankcars under the reporting marks LAPX, and Linde’s Canadian subsidiary CGBX - see both of these decal sets by Protocraft Decals

Decal set designed and created at Protocraft Decals
Printed by Microscale Industries

Background color shown above is not included in decal sheet

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