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lettering set for SP Class H-70-11 ballast cars, 1953 scheme

Part Number: SP Ballast-1

Price: $8.50

In 1953 the SP and it’s aliate T&NO, received 500 70-ton ballast cars. These were delivered in Class as follows:
H-70-11 - SP Series 168600-168899, 300 cars, Pullman-Standard, Lot - delivered September-November 1953
H-70-11 - T&NO Series 41300-41499, 200 cars, Pullman-Standard, Lot - delivered September-November 1953
Note: in 1956, Series 168600-168899 were renumbered into Series 460226-460525; T&NO Series 41300-41499 were renumbered into Series 461700-461895. (see decal set SP Ballast-2) A model of this car by PSC as #15421, and are to be found occasionally at shows and on ebay
Paint & Lettering: Car body and trucks (wheels unpainted) all SP boxcar brown: TCP-923. Both SP and T&NO. Lettering white stencil paste with a 30” medallion with black background and Southern Pacic spelled out without a one inch line above. In 1956 the large 2’ block letting was applied replacing the 9” Southern Pacic - see decal sheet SP Ballast-2
Note: For a more thorough understanding of these cars consult the very informative and comprehensive volumes on SP Freight Cars, by Anthony Thompson, Vol 5, pags 64-81.

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