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lettering for GE’s 34’ 70-ton Dry Bulk Covered Hopper - 1940-42 scheme

Part Number: ILDX-1

Price: $8.50
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AC&F built a number of 34’ covered hoppers for General Electric, beginning with #300, as a one-car order under Lot 2082, delivered August, 1940. Cars were used to carry silica sand for the production of GE’s Mazda lamps, and later GE lamps. In April, 1941, 4 more were delivered under Lot 2148, Series 301-304, and again in August, 1941, Lot 2251, two more cars as Series 305-306. In September 1941 under Lot 2335, one car as Series 307; still again in the same month, 2 more cars under Lot 2383, Series 308 and 309. In April of 1942, 3 more cars were delivered under Lot 2468, Series 310-312. (note: for other Lot and Series of GE covered hoppers, see all four dierent Protocraft Decal sheets for these schemes)
Paint & Lettering: Cars were painted all black and lettered with white stencil paste. The logo is situated centered over the protruding rib. Cut
a thin strip from the center to fit the top of the rib. The remaining two parts to fit snugly on each side of the rib. A fine tipped brush and white
paint will also do the job. For the “C” at the end of ELECTRIC, cut the letter and touch up the top of the rib with white paint.
Note: For more information on these cars see Ed Hawkins/Pat Wider’s RP CYC Vol 27, pages 60-63, and Vol 28, pages 90-91
Decal set designed and created at Protocraft Decals
Printed by Microscale Industries

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