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1945 as-delivered Grand Canyon slogan

Part Number: ATSF Fe-26-1a

Price: $8.50

Pullman-Standard built 500 cars under Lot 5799, as Series 64200-64699, in May/June 1945. Pullman builder's photos of opposite sides of the same car, ATSF
64279. Cars came with 4/4 improved Dreadnaught ends, early postwar style Youngstown corrugated doors, ASF A-3 trucks and Morton running boards. An
accurate model of this car is Protocraft’s PC-3315.
Paint & Lettering: Cars, underbodies and truck sideframes were painted ATSF Mineral Brown: TCP-921 a dark freight car brown up until late 1945, then a
medium red/brown: TCP-923 beginning in 1949. Both shades need to be modied with TP-179 gray to replicate normal oxidation. Black anti-slip compound
applied to the steel roofs. (By 1947, the anti-slip compound applied to the roofs was also mineral brown)
Slogan assignments when new were 64200-64299, Grand Canyon Line; 64300-64399, Scout; 64400-64499. El Capitan; 64500-64599, Super Chief; and 64600-
64699, Chief.
Note that the 14' wide door openings left too little space to the right of the door for the standard "Ship Santa Fe" map, so the map was revised to make it
narrower, eliminating the word "Ship." Note also that 24" square heralds were applied, as the usual 36" square version overlapped the rivet seams of the narrow
panel side sheathing. Richard Hendrickson. Lettering and artwork designed and created at Protocraft Decals. Slogans by Jay Miller

Background color shown above is not included in decal sheet

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