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1959 Giant medallion scheme

Part Number: ATSF Fe-26-3a

Price: $8.50

Five hundred cars were built by Pullman-Standard and delivered in May, 1945, Lot 5799, as Series 64200-64699; renumbered in 1947 to 5899-
6663 Series. An accurate model of this car is Protocraft PC-3315.
Paint & Lettering: By 1947, cars were entirely mineral brown, including trucks and underframes, except that the practice of applying anti-slip
compound to the steel roofs continued and by this time it was also mineral brown. Beginning in 1959, repainted cars received giant herald
stenciling, which was the same on both sides of the cars.
One of the diculties of producing decals is the variations of dierent paint shops within the same railroad. Here 5914, repainted at the Santa
Fe’s Topeka shops is smaller in diameter than the stencil cards at the Road’s Shopton, Iowa shop which repainted 6101 in July of 1961. We have
chosen to reproduce the larger medallion for this lettering sheet. Lettering and artwork designed and created at Protocraft Decals.

Background color shown above is not included in decal sheet

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