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Tank Car Decals in 1:48 scale

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Part Number
Product Name
Product Price
AESX-1 White Tank for A.E. Staley Mfg Co. 8,000 Gal by Pressed Steel      $8.50
AESX-2 Orange Tank for A.E. Staley Mfg Co. 8,000 Gal by Pressed Steel      $8.50
AESX-3 Lettering for 8,000 gallon tank cars - silver tank      $8.50
AESX-4 Lettering for 8,000 gallon tank cars - silver tank      $8.50
AESX-5 Lettering for 8,000 gallon tank cars -1950's scheme      $8.50
AGCX-1 Lettering for 8,000 gallon tank cars      $8.50
Barber Asphalt-1 Lettering for 8,000 riveted tank car      $8.50
BCOX-1 Lettering for The Baker Castor Oil Co. tank car      $8.50
CDLX-3 lettering for California Dispatch Line’s insulated tank cars      $8.50
COSX-1 Mid-Continent Petroleum Type 11 8,000 gallon AC&F tank car      $8.50
CYCX-1 lettering set for Conely Tank Line 8000 gallon tank carm      $8.50
DeSoto-1 lettering set for DeSoto Chemical Coatings - 3-dome tank cars      $8.50
DRX-1 Lettering for Deep Rock Oil Company - black tank      $8.50
DUPONT-6 Lettering for Dupont Floor Finishes - 3 dome tankcar      $8.50
Firestone-1 Lettering for Firestone Rubber insulated tankcar      $8.50
GCX Chemical-1 lettering set for Allied Chemical & Dye GCX tank cars      $8.50
Gibson Wine-1 Lettering for Gibson Wine 8,000 gallon tank car      $8.50
Gibson Wine-4 Lettering for Gibson Wine 4-dome insulated tank car      $8.50
Gibson Wine-6 Lettering for Gibson Wine 6-dome insulated tank car      $8.50
Gibson Wine-6a lettering for Gibson Wine black 6-dome tank car      $8.50
GSCX-1 Lettering for Gulf States Creosoting Co. tank car      $8.00
HANX-1 lettering set for Hancock Oil Company tank cars      $8.50
HJMX-1 Lettering for Champion Oils/Sterling Fuels      $8.50
HPCX-1 lettering set for Hecules Powder 8000 gallon tank car      $8.50
HSWX-1 Hercules Petroleum Company      $6.50
KOPX-1 Lettering for KOPPERS COAL TAR CHEMICAL tank car      $8.50
MK&T tank-1 Lettering for 6,000 gallon high-walk gallon tank cars      $8.50
M-K-T tankcar-1 Lettering for 8,000 gallon edible oil tank cars - 1953 scheme      $8.50
NATX-1 North American Tank Car Line 8,000 gallon tank car by Pressed Steel      $8.50
PQCX-1 Lettering for Philadephia Quartz of Calif 8,000 gal tank cars      $8.50
PQX-1 Lettering for Philadelphia Quartz Co tank car      $8.50
PSPX-1 lettering set for Phillips Petroleum 8000 gallon tank car      $8.50
ROX-1 Lettering set for Richfield’s tank car fleet      $8.50
SCCX-1 Lettering for 8,000 riveted tank car      $8.50
SCJX-1 lettering set for Spencer’s 10,000 and 11,000 gallon tank cars      $8.50
SDRX-1 Lettering for Sinclair Oil tank car      $8.50
SHPX-1 lettering set for Shippers Car Line tank cars      $8.50
SKX-1 Spencer Kellogg & Sons 8,000 gallon tank car      $8.50
Stauffer Chemical-2 lettering set for Stauffer Chemical tank cars leased from Shipper’s Car Co      $8.50
SVX-1 8,000 gal tank car lettering for Mobil Oil Company      $8.50
TCX-1 Lettering for 8,000 gallon tank cars - 1920's scheme      $8.50
TCX-2 Lettering for 8 and 10,000 gallon tank cars - 1928 scheme      $8.50
TCX-3 lettering for Texaco’s silver and black scheme      $8.50
TIDX-1 Lettering set for central states Tide Water Associated tank cars      $8.50
TWOX-1 8,000 Gal Tank Car Lettering for Tidwater Oil Co.      $8.50
TWOX-2 lettering set for Tidewater/Associated Oil - 6 schemes      $8.50
UOCX-1 Lettering for Union Oil Company - black tank      $8.50
UOCX-2 Lettering for Union Oil Company - silver tank      $8.50
USAX-1 lettering set for 1940-1950’s 10,000 gallon tank cars owned by the US Army      $8.50
USQX-1 Lettering set for US Quartermaster Corps emergency tank cars      $8.50
USTX-1 lettering set for Union Starch’s red tank car fleet      $8.50
UTLX-1 8,000 gal Class Z tank car lettering for Union Tank Car Line      $8.50
UTLX-4 Union Tank Car Line for Standard Oil Company (X-3)      $6.50
VENX-1 8,000 gal tank car lettering for Vendome Tank Car Co.      $8.50
Victor Wine-1 6-dome 6,600 gal GATX tank car leased to California Grape Products      $8.50
WP tank car-1 Lettering for WP's 12,500 gal tank cars - 3 schemes      $8.50

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